Hobbit Moleskine Notebooks

I am a huge Tolkien Nerd / Geek. I’ve probably read the Hobbit about 30 times, and Lord of the Rings about 25. I’ve read the Silmarillion about 5 or 6 and read my kids Roverandom at night to try and get them hooked on the Master early. Seriously though Roverandom… is awesome… it’s about […]

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Combat Kitchenware

Who doesn’t like cooking? I love cooking, and I like weapons, specifically swords… why not combine the two? Combat Kitchenware by James Brown has the solution in the form of a fantastic  Kickstarter  campaign. I’m gonna have to scrape together 70 bucks, because if you aren’t throwing a cast iron pan on the stove you […]

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Thank you

Thank you for continuing to stop by this little corner of the internet. This had been a great year and things will only get better from here on out. Enjoy the time you have with your family and friends, and try not to eat too much!

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A foul wind

The latest in the Coffee Words set. The dark side of coffee is the foul wind that is produced when too much coffee and not enough brushing meet. The product of late nights working on who knows what and cold coffee pots left unattended. Everyone knows it can be a problem. yet no one talks […]

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More Coffee Words, and more lunchtime sketches. I have a couple more in the pipeline but i think these are fun, nonsense types of enjoyment. I hope other people are finding them as fun as I did making them. Cafelexia: (noun) The act of ordering one item from a menu by accident, because you were […]

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Hard choices

This is the start of a sketch note series I call coffee words. Terms and terminology you need to know to survive in a well caffeinated world. Today’s word? Coffeenundrum: noun the difficulty choice you ate forced to make at the front of the line at you favorite coffee house. Second definition to follow 😉

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XCOM Enemy Unknown: Review

So what is  XCOM Enemy Unknown? First off despite some of the more awesome trailers like you see below it is a turn based squad command strategy game. In short this is not Call of Duty, This is better! All those stupid suggestions and  way-points  in the FPS? you control them now, you get to […]

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NBA 2k13

When you run a video game sports franchise and you update your title every year you run the risk of falling flat. And of getting complacent. You really can’t put the folks over at 2k into this camp. With the latest edition of NBA 2k13 they have done anything but stand pat. What fans will […]

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