You’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the precipitate when it comes to holiday cheer. and the  Chemistree  from the  Avans University of Applied Sciences is  definitely  part of the solution. What do we want? More bad jokes! when do we want them?  Nitrogen,  Oxygen  and  Tungsten! (NOW- Periodic table Rimshot!) Ok […]

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The One Ring

Oh sweet fancy  Moses, this needs to be mine. It’s  the One Ring. Don’t try and convince me it’s just a  Gold-Plated Tungsten Carbide One Ring, replica. No not that ever. Ignore the fact that this one ring, is available in 5 sizes… and allows you the option of buying a Frodo inspired chain, no […]

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Time for a cup of cheer?

Or a last a timely shot of it!  Edible  candy cane-esqe shot glasses, just in time for the holidays! How fantastic is that? I know that a little peppermint vodka, or schnapps or just plain  whiskey  would probably make the holiday cheer brighter at times. The good part about these as opposed to the ICE […]

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Got Pods?

A  Farmer in China by the name of Liu Qiyuan is taking up a new hobby, Being that its almost the fake end of the world, we are getting a lot of chatter about possible near miss (but rather a Carlin-esque near hit if that is your bag) And Lui is building floating rolling survival […]

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We ain’t dead yet

Stupid Mayans, Imagine making a cylyndrical calendar, and long after you forget to flip the stone page some other goofball comes around and thinks the world is going to end because he can’t read your handwriting? Yeah thats about as close as we are to not  existing  in a couple of weeks, 12, 21. 2012. […]

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Zelda Wedding Bands

How cool is this? finally meet someone you want to spend the rest of your life with and they happen to be a gamer too? It is dangerous to go alone, perhaps a partner in crime might be the right choice! Reddit contributor, Zsolt Szekely  a crafter of fine  jewelry  knows this and put forth […]

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