Coffee spa in Japan

You know some of these days are hard on my ageing bones. I think a nice spa day would feel fantastic… But how about a  Coffee spa day? In Japan.  Yes that is real brewed coffee getting poured lovingly into the bath. Holy Cow thats looks fantastic. It’s a whole “theme” park located in Hakone, […]

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Skull Ice Cube Mold

Just because the weather is cold outside doesn’t mean the adult beverages need to be hot. A fun  Skull Ice Cube Mold  might just be the thing you need. I love the  faceted  look of the skull and while a more organic look and feel might be much more skull like, i think this one […]

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Coffee Kong Instant Coffee

I’m not usually one for instant coffee. In fact i pretty much hate the stuff. But damn if it isn’t portable and pretty  indestructible. Now how cool is this idea? Coffee Kong is compressed instant coffee, coated with a thin sugar covering to keep in the smell and taste. And its all in the shape […]

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Google Zamboni Doodle!

So Today for the 116th birthday of Frank Zamboni, the inventor of the ice  resurfacer  that every Hockey fan knows and loves, Google has deployed an interactive game, complete with Retro 8 bit bleeps and Boops to make you chuckle. Read here to find a bit more about frank and his fantastic invention! Just in […]

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1$ Coffee Wednesday!

Just a General heads up to my other caffeinated Fiends on the go.     “To encourage coffee-lovers to try its latest, darkest roast coffee,  7-Eleven, Inc.  is holding  Dollar Coffee Wednesdays  this month, when every size cup of coffee will cost just $1.   The new  Brazilian Dark Roast  is the leading convenience retailer’s […]

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All Hail Baconsaurus!

  Baconsaurus, doesn’t actually appear to be true bacon, but imported bacon. Panchetta,  prosciutto, or one of those exotic meats. Hell  that’s  OK, he’s a dinosaur, they’re allowed to be  eccentric. Still pretty cool non the less. Baconsaurus for Jurassic Appetites Only | Foodbeast.  

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