Teach Coding!

What most schools don’t teach, is how to code. From the  bright  minds and talented filmakers at Code.org, this video sheds light on some of the best and worst kept secrets of empowering kids today. I remember my first coding class. Actually I started trying to learn how to code by reading my dad’s basic […]

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One Cake to Rule them all

And one cake to find them, One Cake to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. You know after Happy Birthday has been sung. I need one of these! Come on I’m turning 33 this year,  that’s  the Coming of Age for a Hobbit! I’m going to be an adult. Either way  Ontario […]

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Skywalker Family, After dark?

Italian Artist Renny (DeviantArt user Renny08, also Tumblr user Renny Skywalker) took an awesome take on the ultimate what if. What if Anakin Skywalker hadn’t  turned  to the dark side? What would scenes of his life have been. I know its silly to play with that concept, i mean what would the movies have been […]

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My Three Words

So you might think all the new year new number navel gazing was behind us. It isn’t. I just reread CC Chapman’s awesome book Amazing things will Happen, and I decided to do something for me. In his Book CC talks about picking three main words and making them the hallmark for your year. I […]

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Ancho Chili Powder

This is a bit of a how to. But with poor pictures. A CaffiNation Cooks. Basic edition. So you like high priced spices but hate to spend money? Welcome to my world. However i have a cure for some of the Chili Heads out there. I love Ancho Chili powder, its a smokey spicy pepper […]

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FrankenCoffee: An Evil Brew!

I took a long time debating internally  whether  this should be released. technically.  Frankenstein  was not the Monster, only the mad scientist who created him. The poor reanimated soul was only  referred  to as the Creature. So this is more directed at the person MAKING the coffee than the coffee itself. Which could be referred […]

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Productivity for days!

  Welcome to Friday, its the end of yet another fun filled week at whatever you happen to find yourself doing. I don’t know about you but i gradually increase my coffee dependency during the week. Monday is usually a light day and by Friday I’m spitting FIRE! So in that spirit I push forth […]

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