Iced Coffee, The right way

Never knew I had a method to making good iced coffee, I only knew my iced coffee i made at home always tasted better than most other iced coffee I could buy. I’ve tried the cold pressed method, and had various results. Some better than others. All serviceable. but I hate waiting so I would […]

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A bit of a rut

So I find myself in a bit of a rut in regards to coffee. I consistently drink good beans. I make espresso and drink it whenever it pleases me. However recently I became lactose intolerant to a level I couldn’t ignore. If you want to know the nadir position I drank a cappuccino in my […]

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V12 Espresso Machine

Espresso Veloce has crafted a series of espresso machines the resemble Grand Prix style motors. These functional pieces of  automotive  art are direct representations of Grand Prix engines of the 90’s.   Machined with alloys of Magnesium, Titanium and  Aluminum   they are built at Half scale of the real thing.  there is a limited […]

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Suspended Coffee

A little background. In the  Italian  city of  Naples  a tradition from tough economic times is making a comeback, and spreading. It’s called Caffè Sospeso, which is  Italian  for awesome strangers… Or rather Suspended Coffee. a person having a good day, or finding themselves in good circumstances pays for two coffee beverages, and only consumes […]

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