What’s Inside A Cup of Coffee

Unlike most other What’s Inside videos this isn’t about additives shoved into beverages and consumer products, but rather the chemical compounds that are naturally found in coffee. It goes to show you that a little nastiness can actually make things better. Kind of like a little bit of poison can heal. Wait a minute Caffeine […]

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Settlers Snack board!

“Let them eat Catan” Mary Something or other once said… or maybe i have things wrong here…. I love the game  The Settlers of Catan  But never before have I thought about EATING the game! Chris and Rachael Oseland (Kitchen Overlord!  Love the name) are not only apparently working on a Settlers Cookbook! But have […]

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No Coffee… Bad Juju

This just in…  Caffeine Withdrawal Is Now a Mental Disorder. So if i haven’t had my coffee in the morning I am now to be completely excused for anything I say, do, or yell right? Well no… not really. You see the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders  Version 5 was […]

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Spray Paint Shaker

All the cool kids are doing it! No not defacing public property, not even art. But drinking fancy cocktails. Shaken and not stirred. Now you can relive your misspent youth before facebook with a shaker shaped like the tool you used to use to tell people that you had been there… $21.99 isn’t that much […]

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Math Glasses

Proof that drinking CAN make you smarter, and even a bit more irrational. Stare deep into the equations long enough and I’ve hear you can see the meaning of the universe… or at least 4 different answers. These glasses from Uncommon goods are full of irrational concepts… and numbers. Try to figure them out if […]

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Pauper Cup of Coffee

Yay! More Coffee Doodles! This one is a sad doodle though. We are stuck in a wonderful economic downturn. Cost of everything is rising. including hoity toity coffee. I’m alright paying more for good coffee. If its organic, fair trade ect. The problem is when the coffee prices go so far north they need a […]

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The Portland Press

How can you make a French Press better? well you can make the carafe sturdier. You can make the materials locally. But in my opinion the french press is one of the most tasty ways to make coffee. The company Bucket is dedicated to making sustainable locally produced (Local to Portland Oregon ) design objects. […]

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