Parenting Win

The original comment stands. Parenting level OVER 9000! Seriously though we have seen a bunch of awesome tandem costumes with parents helping their kids out with a fantastic costume. I’m  going  to have to start working with my kids to make this happen. My Son is going to Be  Leonardo   and my daughter an […]

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Starbucks Brand Fail

Apparently… even the vans know the deep dark truth behind their too burnt offerings masquerading as coffee. But what this really is kiddos is a lesson in living design. After you create something, such as a brand identity and then you start to see that brand being applied to real world situations you need to […]

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Impress Coffee Brewer

If there is one thing I’ve seen from kickstarter it is a ton of really well designed campaigns focused at coffee lovers. This one is no differernt. The Impress coffee brewer takes the concept of a travel mug, the ease of a press pot and the simplicity that is only born of a well thought […]

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Spider nests!

Having kids around  Halloween  is fun. plain and simple its a way for me to share my geekiness, My son will be  Leonardo  the Turtle this year! But when it comes to food I love searching around and finding the grossest and simplest way to bring the creepy crawlies into the kitchen. I found an […]

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Angry Birds, Star Wars

Angry Birds Start Wars  the name alone pretty much sells the product, you know what you are getting and what it will look like. So much win. The hits just keep on coming for Rovio, this time they go so far as to make the ultimate  merchandising  leap. From one franchise living off a good […]

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M&M’s causing a buzz

In the wonderful scenic area of  Ribeauville France, honey is big  business. And local Apiaries are being beeset by a  strange  problem. The buzz is around blue, green and violet honey turning up mysteriously deep in the hive. Local beekeepers are blaming it on a Mars company processing plant and uncovered sugar containers. With a […]

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